Refriending Gravity

Refriending Gravity

In 2017 I will dedicate my Tuesday-classes to a focus. “Refriending gravity” is the first one out. Get a quick peek of the sequence below, and some background science to get inspired for your practice. All postures will be modified to each unique yogi, and lots of alternative asanas are given to suit all levels.

To Yoga and The Laws of Nature

Yoga is about observing change. Feeling all points that touch the ground during the practice. Strength is promoted through pushing down into the ground – generating a feeling of lightness and balance. We are essentially reconnecting with earth, placing each bone on top of each other in a non-effortless manner. Feeling all body parts, practicing a smooth, rhythmic breath and calm thoughts. Yoga becomes a moving meditation that takes advantage of gravity, not fighting against it.

The Science

“Refriending gravity” is about posture and balance – both mental and physical. We will work with alignment and balance, practice to move the point of gravity to new areas of the body. The class is a mindful approach to feeling the earth and shifting your weight to new balancing points. This requires an open mind – often we have developed a habit and now we are trying to move into new and unknown feelings.

Posture and alignment is in fact more important than most people are aware of. Scientists have found that bad posture is related to osteoporosis, fractures, chronic pain and early death (Ensrud et al 1997; Kado et al 2009). Yoga has been investigated as a tool to improve your posture. In 2009 Greendale et al found that yoga gave a significant improvement in level of kyphosis among elderly. Moreover, it turns out that a powerful posture alters your hormone levels, with greater performance at job interviews as a result Cuddy (2012). To read more about the science of yoga and posture, check out this article.

Inspired to practice?

Time: Tuesdays at 19.30-21.00
Place: Hi Yoga
Class: Vinyasa
Level: All