Yoga means union, and is a wholistic approach to life and physical well being. It encompasses not only asanas (means seat, but commonly used when referring to yoga’s physical postures), but also pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation (mind observation), as well as life philosophy such as principles of non violence and truthfulness. I like to explain yoga as a moving meditation that is not restricted to the yoga math; It encourages a mindful approach to life, being aware of the shifting feelings and reactive thoughts, appreciating the moment, and acting according to your intention.

Yoga is, however, a dynamic practice that is unique to every individual, and I encourage everyone to try it out if you want to find out how it feels for you.


Inspired to practice yoga yourself? Browse among 100 yoga classes a week at HiYoga in Oslo, or book a private lesson with Tiril. All classes are Oslo based, and can be thought in English or Norwegian. For corporate yoga courses and speeches, please contact for further information.


Programs, articles, resources and anatomy manuals for yoga teacher training. Please provide password. 


Yoga Science offers 2 hr. workshops for yoga studios, corporations and sports teams. Each workshop consists of two parts; theory and practice. Please contact for more details. All classes can be adapted to various level and needs.

Topics covered are among others, but not excluded to:

  • Back pain
  • Sleep
  • Focus and performance
  • Menopause
  • Immune system