Tiril Elstad

Tiril Elstad


Tiril Elstad is a medical doctor and yoga teacher living in Oslo, Norway. She is passionate about individual and global health, education and technology. Contact for private consultations, workshops and more. 

Mini CV

  • Candidate Medicinae (Medical doctor) from The University of Oslo in 2021.
  • Master in Arts (honors) in Economics and International Relations from The University of St Andrews in 2013. Dissertation on Global Health and the SARS epidemic.
  • Board member in a leading private technology school system, Norges Realfagsgymnas (NRG).
  • Consulting experience within building CRM systems, strategy and logistics.
  • Mentoring workshops
  • More than 10 years experience with yoga – teaching anatomy yoga teacher training, workshops on spine health, distress management and more.


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